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Who We Are

Enersis Group operates in four different sectors as energy, construction, food and defense industries. The Company has vast knowledge in electricity and gas conversion plants, water treatment plants, bridges, dams and various infrastructure projects since 2013. The Group contributes to the development and industrialization efforts in Turkey and around the glob.

At the same time, the group market Turkey's defense industry solutions. This creates an important volume for the countries export transactions. The Company serves with restaurant chains in the food sector. Enersis Group continues its journey with the aim of producing value-added business for our country by producing innovative solutions in all these sectors.

Enersis Group was founded in 2013 and includes companies operating in different sectors. The fields of activity of the group companies are construction, energy, food and defense industries.

In the domestic market, it generally builds infrastructure projects, government buildings, hospitals, schools, military facility constructions and water distribution canals as well as it maintains electricity and gas conversion plants, and supplies spare parts and equipment.

In foreign markets, it provides construction, energy, defense industry engineering services and also sells defense equipment systems in many countries.